Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2012 Rules

General Event Rules

1 - Paddlers will obey the instructions of the race officials at all times.
2 - Kayakers must be qualified to race on the Clare Glens i.e. they must have the relevant skill and experience level to kayak on the race course with rapids of up to Class V difficulty without scouting for approxmately 15-20min. 
2 - Paddlers will have responsibility for they're own safety and rescue whilst on the river. Where possible bank support will be provided by the race organisers.
3 - Rules and event format are subject to change at the organisers descretion.
4 - A race briefing will take place before the race which ALL paddlers must attend

Only mass-produced creeker/ white water kayaks of serial production with a length of 275cm (9 feet), that meet the latest safety standards are allowed. The race organizers reserve the right to refuse admission to certain kayaks i.e. Eskimo Kendo, Dagger GTX, GT etc.
All participants must wear:
- a helmet conforming to EN1385 Norm
- a white water buoyancy aid conforming to EN393 Norm or ISO 12402-5 Norm
- sufficient protection against cold water, i.e. a dry suit or a neoprene suit
- boats with a foam wall need two airbags on each side in the back, boats without a foam wall need 1 big airbag

For further information please contact the event organisers at clareglensrace@gmail.com

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